Thursday, February 6, 2014

(from the) street style

I love when things have a way of finding you. There I was, walking to MoMA making what seemed like an infinite trek from Avenue of the Americas over to fifth when something caught my eye. I walked back to the chain-link fence and pryed off a piece of black velvet/sheer fabric decorated with repeated geometric somethings. So, thank you to the stranger that placed the top where I would stumble across it. My wardrobe is forever grateful.

Photos by Ava

Outfit Details: Top: literally found on the street dangling from a fence, Pants: Necessary Clothing (similar), Jacket: Free People (similar), Necklace: Brooklyn Charm, Shoes: Jeffery Campbell



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  2. That shirt is soo cute. I love the design on it. -

  3. Hey I am Sheyanne!
    I love your blog and just nominated you for the Liebster Award.
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