Sunday, July 20, 2014

latest uniform

Isn't it awesome when you find two items that were estranged at different ends of a store, put them together and suddenly can't picture life without their coexistence? I know, right? I have no idea what makes me love this combination so much, but the semi-fitted leather tank and slightly destroyed boyfriend shorts seems like such an obvious combination to me now, I can't believe I haven't been wearing this outfit every day for this whole summer. This is a case where being an outfit repeater is totally acceptable and in fact, encouraged. Now if you're skeptical about this look let me just say, I don't think I would have loved this look so much a few years ago either. I can almost guarantee you if I wore this outfit among some of my male friends they would maybe mostly probably actually definitely hate it. Some may think, "Well I can't really see any evidence that she has a butt or boobs and her heels may make her slightly awkwardly taller than me so this isn't fun for anyone." Oops, sorry. I don't dress for you.

Photos by Lynne

Outfit Details: Top: Gypsy Warrior (similar), Shorts: Gypsy Warrior, Necklace: Topshop (similar), Armband: Free People, Reversible Vegan Leather Bag: Free People (large size), Shoes: Jeffery Campbell x Free People


Sunday, July 6, 2014

new shoes

Best feeling in the world (maybe next to getting into college or not burning toast): you're coveting a pair of shoes you found online and are slowly but surely getting swept away by the lure of online shopping. Mostly the lure of not having to leave bed/Netflix. So anyway there I was mid-covet, and I fell asleep. The next day I went to follow up on some fawning and the shoes were GONE. I looked under every category: shoes, boots, booties- I could feel the panic settle in when I made the most incredible discovery. They had gone on SALE!!!! (cue angels singing) So with no hesitation I plugged in some magical digits and in 5-7 business days I fell in love with these amazing shoes by Nasty Gal. And an added bonus? A #GIRLBOSS sticker came with the shoes! If you haven't read #GIRLBOSS yet and you're a human person, you must check it out. And that (that being this post) will probably be the opening paragraph of my What I Did On My Summer Vacation essay.

Photos by Emma with help from Brian

Outfit Details: Dress: Brandy Melville, Plaid shirt: thrifted (similar), Necklace: Brandy Melville, Armband: Gypsy Warrior (similar), Shoes: Nasty Gal Shoe Cult


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I mean honestly, ideal intern attire would be what I used to wear to soccer practice: a T-shirt with holes and grass stains, running shorts and whichever pair of sneakers had less mud on them that day. But in New York you have to look the part and also be able to sprint anywhere at a moment's notice. That's why the combination of a T-shirt dress (everyone needs to invade the Zara sale if you haven't already!!!), a bag that can be worn cross body and barely-heeled shoes has become my go-to office attire. This week has been so crazy already, and we're just halfway through! I got to be on set for an awesome photo shoot this week which makes me twice as excited for the magazine to come out! But since the fashion world works as far ahead as it is allowed, I'll have to wait until October to actually see the finished product. Then again, July just snuck up on me so it won't be long

Photos by Celine 

Outfit DetailsDress: Zara, Bracelet: Forever 21 (similar), Armband: Gypsy Warrior, Bag: Free People (large size), Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, Sunglasses: Free People (similar)