Monday, August 19, 2013

back in black

Have you ever had a serious miscommunication with someone? How about your hairstylist? She took my desire to go "darker" so far that she hit the end of the spectrum and I ended up with VERY dark brown (almost black). Oh well, it's just hair. While I plan to reassume the role of a brunette soon, I figured I should live it up while I've got it! This involved dressing full on rock n' roll and blasting some AC/DC in my room. I also hope that this inspires some of you to realize that it's really easy to change up your color, and thankfully really easy to fix it if you make a mistake.

Outfit Details: Studded Vest: Forever 21 (similar), Tank: H&M(similar), Shorts: Bardot, (similar) Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar) Gold hand cover: vintage

yours in darkness,
Keep Calm and Chiffon 


  1. I LOVE your hair this color, it really suits you! You look so cute!

    Ava Tallulah

    1. thanks ava :) even though i didn't intend to go this dark i'm glad i got to try it!


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