Friday, August 16, 2013

keep calm and chiffon x midnight marauders

For any of you who have been thrifting you know that it's not a simple process. I usually go in with a few hours to dig around through boxes, and search for my size while checking for stains or rips along the way. I always have a bottle of water and hand sanitizer waiting for me in the car and I absolutely consider it my workout for that day. (Treasure hunting can be more strenuous than you think.) And by the time I get my findings home, sometimes I'll cut them or bleach them or rip them to refresh them and make them my own. It could be a day-long process. Maybe longer.
 Now imagine if someone did all of that for you.
I know.
 Prepare to worship me.
Lights up on Midnight Marauders, an online thrift store that rounds up and revives the best vintage finds so that you don't have to. They're online so you can shop from anywhere
and have a variety of sizes and styles in both men's and women's clothing! You're welcome.

Outfit Details: Lace Top: My mom's from the 70's lol (similar hereShorts: Midnight Marauders, Moccasins: Minnetonka, Rings: Brandy Melville and Gypsy Warrior

Thank you to Amira for reaching out to me for this collaboration (and for the discount)!!

yours after midnight,
Keep Calm and Chiffon


  1. Sounds like a great place to shop! oh.. and I love your style!!! you look super awesome..!!!
    following you now.. visit and follow back if you like dear so we can keep in touch♥

    1. just followed you back! thanks for checking out my site!

  2. I am so blessed to have a daughter that does all my treasure hunting for me because you are so right it can be a long process..

    1. haha that sounds great! this store definitely makes it easier


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