Saturday, October 18, 2014

Runway Warriors

I almost didn't realize how long it has been until I got this text the other day:
"Are u alive?"
Apparently, I have completely fallen off of the grid, with one exception: promoting Runway Warriors, a fashion show hosted by my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega that uses fashion to raise funds for Domestic Violence Awareness and Support (DVAS). I've been working with several of my sisters for seven months on this show and I couldn't be more proud of it. We were able to make not one, but TWO promotional videos (one behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot in Central Park and one involving the larger Columbia community) and organize not one, but TWO promotional photos shoots (shot on the Highline and in Central Park), which I've included some images from below! The photo shoot concepts were basically hard and soft, playing off of the geometric lines on the Highline and the gorgeous flora and fauna in the park. I'm really thrilled with how everything has come together and surprisingly can't wait to be in that backstage zone counting down to curtain! Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way and break a leg to my gorgeous models! It's time to find that warrior spirit and channel it like crazy. 

The Highline in Chelsea

Central Park at 72nd Street

Photos by: me (edits on my photos by Celine Haeberly), Kimberly Flores and Caroline Hirsch

Outfit Details: Model's own clothing


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