Monday, July 1, 2013

interior fillings

Stormy skies have inhibited posting for a few days. Sometimes I think I should have run away to California and never looked back. But too many qualms would find their way into my heart once the reality of abandoning the concrete jungle sunk in. So for now I am satisfying my sunshine craving with jotting down the festival essentials. Here's what to fill your tribal-printed backpack with. And word of advice- Free People's gear is so pretty, but festivals can be so gritty despite their picturesque appearance. Save their stuff for Central Park picnics and candlelight dinners. 

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Packing List:

Your tickets. Duh.
Festival Map
Emergency poncho
Refillable water bottle 
Sunscreen (!!)
Bug spray
Glow necklace
Body paint
Snacks (granola bars >>>)
Shoes you don't care about 

advisingly yours, 
Keep Calm and Chiffon

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