Wednesday, June 4, 2014

desert sand doors

Sometimes you just need to hide in folds of drapey darkness. After sleeping in until 11am (rare for me) after my first week of my fashion internship at Marie Claire, I couldn't get out of the pajama mindset. So by keeping it simple and creating this shapeless silhouette, I was able to hold onto my relaxed mentality. That is, until I slipped into heels to inject some daytime into the look. And for those who have been asking for details about work; the days are long, the to-do lists are endless, and multi-tasking is basically a religion. And I'm loving every second so far. 

Photos by Celine

Outfit Details: Top: Free People, Pants: Free People, Bra: Free People, Armband: Free People, Necklace: Free People (similar), Shoes: Dolce Vita (different color)


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  1. God if I could be you in female form. #genderbender #fashionista


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