Friday, August 1, 2014

off the beaten path

The most endearing thing about New York is that you can walk down a street a hundred times but if you turn left instead of turning right you can stumble into a whole new world. My friend and I came across this little brick house which is perfectly tucked away in a northern corner of Central Park and it basically required a photo shoot. It's the perfect location for a mid-summer pose session. But of course, leave it to me to wear jeans and a leather jacket at this time of year. I'm clearly already in my fall dressing mentality while simultaneously wishing summer would last forever. Determined to have my cake and eat it too? Of course I am. 

Photos by Artoun

Outfit Details: Destroyed Tee: Free People, Jeans: Free People, Leather Jacket: H&M (similar), Armband: Gypsy Warrior, Bag: Free People, Shoes: Topshop (in black)



  1. I was also in Central Park yesterday! I've ran there a few times for races but never explored the "center" of the park. This was a good find! I will have to go back and actually walk around the random paths to see what I find. I ran 4 miles too yesterday and ran through a few different neighborhoods - you're so right, it's funny how you can stumble across different things in NYC. Wish I could live there!

    1. Wow, congrats on the run! I think that running in the park sounds like a good idea but have never executed it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Awesome! I might be heading to Central Park soon and will definitely keep a look out for this pretty house!

    I love your outfit. I'm definitely one for a leather jacket and jeans even in the summer. It's casual and nice without having to deal with the fall chilly weather.

    1. Hint: Look in the upper west corner of the park! Thanks so much! Love my leather jacket it's like a second skin


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