Monday, October 7, 2013

the $22.80 knockout

Don't get me wrong- I love looking at designer clothes. I really do. There's something about the quality of the textiles and the amount of work that goes into them that is very admirable. But do I run around in Christian Louboutin shoes and a Burberry trench coat all day? Hell no. I don't even own designer sunglasses because chances are they'll get crushed at the bottom of my backpack as a result of my tossing it around. So where to look for these cheap, on-trend gems? I'm opening my vault of secrets here and sharing with you so take notes! My top three places for cool stuff and an unreal price are Forever 21 (where I scored this cutout beauty for $22.80!), H&M and Necessary Clothing. But that's not the secret. The secret is to have patience and really take the time to look at EVERYTHING in the stores. It's a headache. It's daunting. But it is always worth it. I promise. 

Photos by Ava

Outfit Details: Dress: Forever 21, Boots: H&M (similar), Bracelet: marketplace in Florence (similar),

Yours treasure hunting,
Keep Calm and Chiffon 


  1. LOVE this outfit! from the dress to the lip stick to the boots!
    Great photos too Austen!


  2. Thanks for the comment! :)

    Lovely dress!
    Beautiful outfit!

    1. you're welcome! :) and thanks so much!

  3. Awesome dress!

  4. An absolute knockout...looks very nice on you
    xx, Malena
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    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

    1. thank you so much! i checked out your blog and followed you!


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