Tuesday, January 8, 2013

guns n roses

Picture this. There you are in Whole Foods getting some sushi for lunch after a gorgeous morning at the beach. You're waiting for your friend, when some guy (okay some really hot guy) comes up to you and asks you about your Guns N Roses shirt. He starts talking a mile a minute about Axl Rose and asks you what your favorite song is. You draw a complete blank and can't even remember the song by them that everyone knows. Ugh. 
 I guess the lesson here is if you're going to wear a band shirt, make sure you have some background knowledge of the band before wearing it. No matter how cute it is. Or do what I did and laugh around what he said and then completely change the subject. You've all been advised.

Outfit Details: Top: Vintage, Skirt: Gypsy Warrior, Sunglasses: Free People 

Always and forever, 
Keep Calm and Chiffon 

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